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  • Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with plan2coaching?
    Not at all. Everyone has different goals from wanting to become fitter, ride a sportive or wanting to be able to keep-up with the family on holiday! If you intend racing then performance coaching is an option. All levels of fitness can be catered for.
  • Is online coaching available with plan2coaching?
    Online coaching is available and we recommend the rider sets up a Training Peaks account. The rider is then linked to the Plan2 coach account and data and communication is delivered in this format.
  • How much time should I put into my training?
    This is a very relevant question and this is why we take into account your lifestyle commitments in the questionnaire which you will be asked to complete. The details are then analysed to the goal you have set yourself. Your training will be individualised and specific to you.
  • What equipment will I need?
    The essential items are: - A bike that is in good working order that is safe to ride! - A helmet that complies to current safety standards. We can't emphasise enough the importance of safety and always wear a helmet! - Cycle specific shoes are an option to consider; ensure the cleats are set-up correctly to avoid knee issues. Soft soled trainers are not the best to transfer power through the pedals therefore your light weight running shoes may not be the best to cycle in. Harder soled trainers are better. ​ - Cycling specific shorts are so much more comfortable to cycle in as the cushioning is in specific areas. For ladies it is essential they wear ladies specific as the cushioning is specific. - Cycling gloves either thermal full fingers for winter or cycle mitts for summer makes riding more comfortable.
  • What do I do now?
    Contact us for a chat there is no charge! A chat can help formulate a plan of action with Plan2coaching!
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