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2017 Commonwealth Youth Games

The approach to training young and junior riders is a steady one that can produce consistent and continuous improvement over time. The development programme at Plan2coaching builds a foundation for the rider and provides them with meaningful objectives and agreed goals based on their individual stage of development to assist them in reaching their long-term goal or goals.

For Rhys the planning process for his development and goal time lines were set four years ago and were continuously reviewed over that time period.

What was a dream became a goal which became a reality!

Well done Rhys, from the coach!

Bahamas2017CYG - Meet the Athlete

Name:Rhys Pilley




Main events:Road Race, Time Trial

What club do you belong to?

JCAYA supported by plan2coaching

How long have been competing?

I have been mountain bike racing since I was around 10 and moved to the road a couple of years later.

What is a “normal” training week for you?

Monday-rest day or recovery ride; Tuesday- interval session or longer ride; Wednesday- recovery ride; Thursday- interval session; Friday- rest day; Saturday- pre race activators; Sunday- race or longer training session.

Give an example of a training session you remember and why?

Intervals on Rozel hill, they are long, painful and generally disgusting.

What do you like about your sport?

The history and heritage.

Any other sports you enjoy?

I don't mind racket sports but would rather be riding my bike.

Any other hobbies or pastimes?

I enjoy going out and spending time with my friends.

Aims for the Bahamas 2017:Gain experience of an international sporting event in the hope to use the experience to progress to the senior games in the future.

Long term sporting ambition:Keep pushing to reach the highest level I am capable of and fulfil my potential

Photo: Ryan O'Shea Photography

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