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'Plan2coaching - Ladies' is a new initiative for 2018 taking indoor cycling outdoors!

Listening to clients from my group indoor cycling sessions it seems there is a need to want to try cycling outdoors!

Taking up or returning back to cycling can be very daunting for an adult. If you are nervous on the roads or, worried that you won't be able to keep up when riding with thefamily on holiday or, you want to enhance your skills, then come and join in the easy beginner ride sessions which will be taking place on Wednesday mornings in 2018.

The aim of these progressive sessions is primarily about:

– Confidence building.

– Improving your cycling technique.

– Learning how to ride within a small group.

– Gaining skills and confidence to progress to riding on the road.

– Enjoyment and motivation to cycle more!

If you wish to receive more details on location and dates then please join the closed group 'Plan2coaching-Ladies'.

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